Uko Gorter – Orca Ecotype Poster

ImageOrca Ecotypes Poster – A great reference poster by artist Uko Gorter.

Check out more of his work and purchase prints here:


3 responses to “Uko Gorter – Orca Ecotype Poster

    • Yes, There are approximately 10 known ecotypes. These were determined through both genetic testing and observations. Both have supplied evidence of differences that could determine these ecotypes to be entirely different species as well! Differences in calls (language), behaviour, diet, appearance all support the separation of these ecotypes into distinct species.

      Throughout the history of orca captivity, transients have been captured and forced onto an unnatural diet of fish, rather than marine mammals. This has resulted in deaths and health issues. Currently, Narnia, a wild caught transient orca in Russia is being retrained to eat fish, a dietary abnormality and unnatural process. There have also been forced crossbreeding between transients and residents, as well as Icelandic caught orcas. These interbreedings would never occur in the wild and observations have suggested that the transient/resident hybrid creates a more aggressive offspring.

      • I didn’t know about their captive diet issues. I read recently that India has outlawed cetacean captivity, which I think is the correct choice. It doesn’t make sense to place in a small pool an animal that would normally swim through thousands of miles of ocean.

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